System module class
CIP cleaning system Oocyte-scale lipid-adding system Pasteurization system

Products description:

1. Using the Modular design concept, the system consists of several modules that can be tested in a factory under simulated customer public engineering conditions, allowing early detection of problems.

2. The modules are easy to transport. The tested modules are delivered to the customer's site and can be put into use quickly as long as they are connected to public works such as water, electricity, Compressed air, steam, etc. . It can save at least two months time compared with the traditional on-site assembly method.

3. The system is divided into four modules, each module and related pipes can be cleaned and sterilized separately, the CIP time only needs 25 minutes, SIP 1.5 hours, which can save the traditional CIP and the whole system time of SIP more than 5 hours.

4. Because each module can be CIP, SIP and process flow independently, continuous production can be achieved, production line utilization can be improved, and production capacity can be increased by more than 50% .

5. Using the docking system and hose docking mobile tank mode, production more flexible.

6. The use of transfer plates can avoid cross-contamination.

7. Imported accessories, first-class quality guaranteed