System module class

Products desctiption:

This equipment is designed according to the type of theproduct, filling method and the automation.

The equilibrium tank in this equipment can be designed toopen or closed tank. The heater of the product is equipped with aset of twice hot water circulation system, which could make thetemperature difference between the hot water and the productsmallest. Which kind of heating system should be adoptedisaccording to the characteristics of the product, these characteristicsare also the dete rminative factor of whether to use degas or notduring the heating process .
This equipment is applicable to the heat, sterilization,incubation and cooling etc. technological requirements of thehe at-sensitive liquid, such as the fresh milk, juice beverage,alcohol etc.T his equipment owns these characteristics of highheat-recovering, energy saving and low cost, tight structure, easyoperation and convenient maintenance etc.