System module class
CIP cleaning system Ultra-high temperature sterilizer system for milk Cream tube sterilizing system

Products desctiption:

Ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, 128-140 °C, 4-10 seconds, to achieve commercial asepsis requirements, sterilization is the product of sufficient intensity of heat treatment, so that the products of microorganisms and heat-resistant enzymes inactivated to meet commercial asepsis requirements, sterilization products can be stored at room temperature for a long time. It has a shelf life of 1-6 months. Is a fresh milk, beverage processing of a sterilization process. At present, UHT is used to sterilize the liquid milk at room temperature in the market. UHT products are also often described as "commercially sterile" . Commercial Sterility is defined as the absence of viable microorganisms in a product under normal storage conditions.